There is no requirement for Building Consent for Simple Spaces, provided certain conditions are met.

We will provide guidance on these requirements to help you through this process.

Click here for detailed information on requirements.

XTENSION Spaces are designed and manufactured to meet Building Code.

The walls and roof are made from EXPOL Emperor Panel – click here for more details.

The doors and windows are double glazed, with aluminium joinery.

The floor is made of plywood, with EXPOL UnderFloor Insulation.

XTENSION Spaces include a plywood floor, with EXPOL UnderFloor Insulation.

Your XTENSION Space will require foundations or footings.
We can coordinate with our preferred suppliers, STOPDIGGING! to prepare your foundations prior to the arrival of your XTENSION Space.
Alternatively you can prepare your own foundations

You can add any of our optional features to XTENSION Spaces.

If you would like additional changes please enquire about a custom design.

XTENSION Spaces are designed and manufactured with a skillion roof.

A gable roof is not available at this time.

Window and door styles and positions can be changed for Simple Spaces.

If you would like additional changes please enquire about a custom design.

The stud height is fixed for XTENSION Spaces.

If you would like additional changes please enquire about a custom design.

Electrical connections are included in all of our prebuilt Spaces.

Click here for more information on electrical connections.

Deliveries are available Auckland-wide for both kitset and prebuilt XTENSION Spaces, through our partner Hiab Transport and Little Lifters.
Click here to find out more about Hiab Transport.

Click here to find out more about Little Lifters.

Our transport partner, Hiab Transport will work with you on access requirements.

All of our Spaces comes with 10 year Materials and Workmanship Warranties.

We also offer customer support by phone and email.

Optional features are from external suppliers with their own warranties.
Click here for more information on our warranties.

XTENSION Spaces are manufactured using EXPOL Emperor Panel. 
All manufacturing waste (both steel and polystyrene) is recycled, allowing XTENSION to operate a zero waste model / closed loop manufacturing.

EXPOL Emperor Panels are 100% recyclable (both steel and polystyrene).
At the end of life you can fully recycle all of the panels from your XTENSION Space.

EXPOL Emperor Panel helps create an energy efficient environment, allowing for reduced heating and cooling costs and energy requirements.

Click here to find out more about XTENSION and the environment.

Yes, you can build a kitset XTENSION Space yourself if you are a competent builder.
Kitsets are supplied with all required components, a full set of instructions and a list of required tools.

This will depend upon your skillset and experience.

Typically you should be able to assemble your kitset in two days, with two people assembling.

XTENSION Spaces require very little maintenance.

XTENSION Spaces are watertight so the interior requires no maintenance.

The COLORSTEEL on EXPOL Emperor Panel is made to be durable and low maintenance, but still needs to be looked after.
Click here for more details on caring for COLORSTEEL.

A 50% deposit is required at time of order. The balance is payable prior to delivery.

We also offer finance.

We can help arrange finance for your XTENSION Space and optional features, through our partner TMF Finance.

We recommend that you notify your insurer prior to the addition of an XTENSION Space to your property.

Yes – our showroom is located at 2/273 Neilson Street, Onehunga.

Viewings are available, by appointment.

Please contact us to make an appointment.

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