1. Warranty Coverage:

We offer a warranty on the workmanship of XTENSION buildings, subject to the following terms and conditions:

a. Duration:

The warranty period for our workmanship is ten (10) from the date of completion.

b. Scope:

This warranty covers any defects in the workmanship that result in the failure of the structural integrity or performance of your buildings It includes, but is not limited to:

– Framing and foundation construction

– Roofing installation

– Plumbing and electrical installation

– Insulation installation

– Interior finishing work


2. Warranty Exclusions:

The following situations are not covered by our warranty:

a. Damage resulting from improper use, neglect, or unauthorised modifications.

b. Normal wear and tear or cosmetic damage that does not affect the functionality of the workmanship.

c. Damage caused by natural disasters, fire, floods, earthquakes, or other external events beyond our control.

d. Damage resulting from failure to follow the recommended maintenance procedures for the workmanship.

e. Foundations supplied and installed by STOP DIGGING! As these are covered by the supplier’s warranty.


3. Warranty Claims Process:

To initiate a warranty claim for workmanship, please contact us at XTENSION. We will require proof of completion and a detailed description of the issue. We reserve the right to inspect and assess the workmanship in question to determine the validity of the claim.


4. Remedies:

In the event that a valid warranty claim is approved, we will, at our discretion, undertake necessary repairs or corrective measures to rectify the issue.


*** Please note that any warranty work must be performed by authorised personnel designated by XTENSION. Unauthorised repairs or modifications may void the warranty***


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